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8.3L/9.0L Cummins Power Module

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Agricultural Diesel Solutions Truck Edition power module for 8.3L and 9.0L Cummins engines with the on road CAPS fuel system.

Why spend thousands of dollars more for a different piece of equipment with more horsepower when you can simply tune your engine to achieve optimal output levels in as little as ten minutes?

This module provides a fully adjustable tuning option for your equipment allowing you to see gains in both horsepower and torque from a range of 15% to 30% over stock levels.  This means you can pull bigger loads and cover more distance while saving you time and hundreds of dollars on fuel expenses!  What is even better is this module is guaranteed for life so the warranty never expires!  Give it a try today and see just how far the extra benefits and savings can take you.

See the complete list of applications below:

  • Cummins Mid-Range
  • 8.3L & 9.0L Cummins w/ CAPS Pump
  • Trucks & Motorhomes as well

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