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Hot Shot’s Secret TBN Booster

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Product Description

TBN Booster from Hot Shot’s Secret will raise your diesel engine’s oil TBN number up to 6 points and save 2-4 oil changes per year. TBN stands for Total Base Number. It is a measure of how much active detergent and dispersive additive is left in your engine’s oil. A TBN rating of 6-9 is typical. As miles are added, the TBN number decreases as the detergent and dispersive additives are used up. When TBN less than 5, your oil has lost its effective capacity to neutralize acid and breakdown dirt.

acon Increase oil change interval
acon Reduce maintenance and vehicle servicing times
acon Can be utilized with any commercially available engine oil
acon Increase neutralization capacity of engine oil

CAUTION: Do not overdose vehicles with a diesel particulate filler.

Hot Shot’s Secret TBN Booster was formulated to extend the oil drain intervals of vehicles needing extended service when used in conjunction with our Blue Diamond Engine Oil or other diesel engine oils. TBN Booster can be used with synthetic or conventional engine oils.

Many drivers are using bypass engine oil filters to extend the drain interval of the engine oil. The engine oil is kept clean but the additives are depleted. Adding TBN Booster will resolve this issue. It will provide the engine oil the additives to effectively neutralize the acid and disperse the soot. Servicing and maintenance times can be significantly reduced due to the increase in neutralization number added to the engine oil.