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Winterguard 16oz Diesel Fuel Treatment

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AP0506 Winterguard 16oz treats 125 gallons of diesel fuel.

WINTERGUARD is a cold weather fuel treatment designed to prevent
common diesel fuel issues relating to extreme cold temperatures providing improved
cold starting and cold weather engine performance.


  • Provides Anti-Gel Protection
  • Prevents Ice Formation in Fuel
  • Improves Diesel Pour Point by up to 40°F/22°C
  • Improves Fuel Filter Plug Point by up to 40°F/22°C

Alliant Power WINTERGUARD has been formulated using technologically advanced
chemistry designed to prevent cold starting issues in extreme cold weather.
WINTERGUARD is alcohol free, compatible with ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD),
bio-diesel (up to B20), and exhaust aftertreatment emission systems (DPF & SCR).